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Choosing Argument Essay Topics

English argument essay topics should at all times be based on an appropriate and challenging but interesting and stimulating subject matter. While the framework of the best English essays should be well thought out, they should also be brought out in a creative manner. Such essays should be about something that the writer genuinely understands, appreciates and believes in for the writer to be able to write on it effortlessly and be able to bring the topic out in a convincing manner.
The development of English argument essay topics begins with a choice of topic to write on. The most applicable way of choosing a topic would be to think about subjects that you have a strong viewpoint on and then beginning your research on them. The best English essays require the writer to do three important things.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Writing Argument Essays

It was breathtaking. The beauty of the glacier landscaper and the Valdez peaks at Thompson was impeccable. The view of the Chugach Mountains in Alaska that afternoon prevailed in my mind. What a visit.  Nevertheless, the thought of the glacier melting away to climate change, was fraught with apprehension. My heart ached.  Coal is attributed to cheap generation of electricity. Its role in meeting U.S energy needs is remarkably effective. Nevertheless, the green house effect on climate change is awfully eminent. Consequently, to save millions of lives endangered by climate change, coal usage should be eradicated.  If you are soliciting skills in writing argument essay, you are in the right place, stay with me. 
What is an argument essay?

Samples on Argument Essays

“You make my life so beautiful,” she told me. Her eyes betrayed the adoration she had for me. “I simply provided you with a few samples on argument essays.” I protested; feeling that I did not deserve the adoration. “Yes you did, and they contributed to 1st grades in my argument essay on school uniforms.”  She said. I took her in my arms. I will tell of what happened next some other day. For now, we will look at some crucial dexterity that you cannot afford to be ignorant about, concerning argument essay examples, stay with me.
Do I really need samples on argument essays?
O yes, you do. To begin with, argument essay samples provide students with diverse argument essay topics. Take advantage of them. Second, they provide students with essay writing skills such as, essay format, coherence and citation. A perfect essay format

How to Write Argument Essays

Can you imagine looking at somebody who is an exact copy of you? I am not talking about your identical twin; you grew up with the idea since birth. I am talking about a clone! This would be weird. The fact that cloning violates the right to an individual’s identity is irrefutable. Nevertheless, cloning is attributed to providing barren women with children, and medicinal purposes, among others. As such the legislation of cloning should be supported. One of the argument essay writing tips is selecting a great argument topic. You already have an example of the same; the legislation of cloning should be supported.  This article provides you with dexterity on how to write argument essays, stay with me.
What is an argument essay?
The first step on how to write argument essays is by a comprehension of the same. An argument essay is a genre of writing that requires the writer to investigate a topic, generate and evaluate evidence, to establish a position on the argument. The position may be for, or against.

GRE Sample Argument Essays

After the graduation day, the only prevailing subject in my mind was pursuing higher studies. As much as the subject was fraught with anxiety, I knew I had to take a GRE test! My excitement of pursuing further studies in Canada vanished at the thought of it. Nevertheless, this is an easy test that should not make you fret. If you are reading this, you must be soliciting GRE sample argument essays. Nevertheless, the fact that this is not one, you cannot afford to be ignorant of the following dexterity, stay with me.
What is a GRE argument essay?
GRE is an acronym for Graduate Record Examination. It is a test taken by a student who intends to pursue further studies after graduation. The performance of a GRE test determines the student’s fate. It requires the student to write two essays in the GRE essay writing section. One of the essays includes a GRE argument essay.  A GRE argument essay is a piece of academic writing providing an argument and the logic behind the argument. It analyzes the topic and discusses the validity of the argument.

Good Topics For Argument Essays

If you are reading this, you are probably soliciting good topics for argument essays. You are in the right place. This analysis will not only provide you with some, but also guide you on how to come up with good argument essay topics, stay with me
Categories of good topics for argument essays
The argument essay is written with the mandate of persuading the reader, to buy the writer’s point of view. It consequently requires the writer to have sufficient facts to win the reader’s approval. Nevertheless, there are different categories of argument essays. As such, argument essay topics come in various categories. Some of them include;

Capital Punishment Argument Essays

I stayed awake the entire night; thinking. The thought of Jean dangling in a rope, dead, was overwhelming, for lack of another word.  Article 2 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union prohibits the death penalty. Nevertheless, 60% of the world’s population lives in countries, which execute death penalty. Unfortunately for Jean, she lived in one of them. She was accused of murder, the murder that she never committed. Capital punishment, otherwise known as the death penalty, should be banned! Everyone has the right to life. In addition, capital punishment is sometimes executed to the innocent. When assigned capital punishment argument essays, you are obligated to give information on capital information and provide an argument for, or against it, based on facts.

Bullying Argument Essays Topics

If you are like me, then you will certainly campaign for anti bullying programs. My first day in high school was marked with a thorough beating from the senior boys. If you are soliciting bullying argument essays topics, you are in the right place, stay with me.
To begin with, bullying is the use of coercion to intimidate others. School bullying is one of the commonest genres of bullying. On the other hand, an argument essay is a piece of writing persuading the reader to buy the writer’s point of view. An example of bullying argument essay topics is; schools should implement anti bullying strategies. The award-winning Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is an example of an anti bullying strategy. It offers diverse information and resources. 
Other examples of bullying argument essays topics

  •  School bullying is essential  
  •  Bullying is a root cause of drug abuse
  •  Schools should implement anti bullying strategies
  •   Schools systems and lectures contribute to bullying 
Good topics for argument essays on bullying

Argument Essays Topics

When my husband came home that night, his face was fraught with misery.  Instead of his normal greetings, he hastened to the bedroom. I pushed the bedroom door, and our eyes met. “We lost the case; he was sentenced to death.” He whispered, his voice revealing of untold grief. For several years of being a lawyer, my husband had lost several cases, but never had I seen him that disillusioned. “The death penalty should never be!” He cursed. If you are soliciting an argument essay topic, you already have one, “The death penalty should be banned.” However, the following dexterity is crucial, stay with me. 
What is an argument essay?
Argument essay is a genre of writing that investigates a topic, and evaluates evidence to establish a position on the topic. The position may be for, or against. In reference to the

Argument Essays Structure

A perfect argument essays structure is one of the keys to exceptional grades. As such, this analysis covers skills on how to build a perfect argument essays structure, stay with me.
 Understanding an argument essay
The journey to successful argument essay writing begins with a comprehension of the same. The argument essay is written with the sole mandate of persuading readers to buy the writer’s point of view. There are different types of argument essays. For example, argument essays on death penalty, climate change argument essays, argument essays on abortion, and the list is endless.  An argument essay takes the structure of topic, introduction, body, and conclusion. 
The argument essay topics
For a perfect argument essays structure, an argument essay topic is first on the list. Select a topic that will not send you to the home of agony, when researching supportive material.

Argument Essays on Technology

Lisa’s voice came to the phone, fraught with hysteria. “Stacy was run down; the ambulance is on its way to hospital.” She said. “How serious is it? I asked.” Very serious, the phone went dead. I hurried past the noisy streets. Minutes later I rushed out of the taxi, to the hospital. A grave silence filled the Intensive Care Unit. Endless pipes seemed to get in to every opening of her body. Filled with hope, that the machine would wake her up, I silently thanked the inventor of technology. What if phone calls to get the ambulance had not been made? What if the  ICU did not exist? I knew the answer to both questions, and I shivered to it; she would be dead! Technology is attributed to multiples of benefits. It has positively changed the world. When assigned on argument essays on technology, you are required to make a stand, for or against technology.

Argument Essays on School Uniforms

The masked man chocked me. I knew I was going to die. I tried calling for help, but my voice drowned. “Wake up, you are late for school.” My mother authorized. It had been a dream. I grabbed my school uniform. Within five minutes, I was dressed up. As opposed to the other days, which took me thirty minutes to get prepared, wearing my uniform took utmost five minutes. I hurried to school, secretly grateful to the inventor of school uniforms. I was raising the flag that day; I could not afford to be late, and I did not.  That was twenty years ago. Uniforms come with multiple benefits. Some of them include, minimal time of preparation, equality, and low prices, among others. When assigned argument essay on school uniforms, you are required to take a position for, or against school uniforms. Consequently, provide adequate supportive material, to validate your argument.

Argument Essays on Gay Marriages

Like any other evening, I was glued to my screen; it was news time. Different media stations reported it differently, using different reporters, but the news was the same; two openly gay men in England and the United states had become candidates for the Anglican bishop! That was in the year 2003.  It had all begun in 2002 when the Diocese of New Westminster, in the Anglican Church of Canada, permitted the blessing of gay marriages. ‘What a rotten society, this has become!” I cursed. Gay marriages are wrong and should never be! Do not be too quick to judge my argument, or leave this page; I have the facts. When assigned argument essays on gay marriages, you are required to campaign against, or for, gay marriages. Subsequently, you must provide your argument, with ample supportive information.

Argument Essays on Death Penalty

A grave silence filled the courtroom. “According to the evidence presented in this court, the court finds Richard Forrester guilty of murdering Mrs. Emily Craig in the 1st October, 2002. The court then sentences Richard Forrester to death….” The rest of the words fell on deaf ears! A certain excitement fell upon me, one that I had not experienced since the murder of my wife. Although Emily was not coming back, I was glad that justice had finally been executed. “Rest in Peace darling,” I thought, walking out of the room.  The death penalty is an excellent and effective idea. Murderers belong to one place; the grave.  When assigned argument essays on death penalty, it requires you to discuss for, or against, the death penalty. This analysis encompasses several skills on argument essays on the death penalty, stay with me.

Argument Essays on Abortion

The last thing I wanted was to hear the crying of a baby. The post abortion trauma was having its effect to the climax.  A feeling of loss, regret and emptiness, ruthlessly wore me down. Crying became my food, and guilt became the shadow that followed me wherever I went. Former U.S Surgeon General Koop, stated that the existing research is inadequate to measure the increased magnitude of mental and emotional predicaments, induced by abortions.  Besides post abortion trauma, abortion is characterized by death, perforated uterus, and damaged cervix, among others. As such, abortion is destructive and should not be legalized. If assigned on argument essays on abortion, you are required to write against or for abortion. Some of the topics that you may consider for argument essays on abortion include; abortion should not be legalized, or abortion should be legalized, among others.

Argument Essays Ideas

The journey to successful argument essay writing begins with a brilliant argument essay idea. This study will consequently provide you with examples of exceptional ideas for argument essays. It will also analyze imperative skills on selecting great ideas for argument essays, stay with me.
About argument essay ideas
They are divided into different categories. Some of these categories include; argument essays on death penalty ideas, bullying argument essays ideas, argument essays on gay marriages ideas, and ideas for argument essays on abortion, just but to mention a few.  Their main objective is to persuade the reader to buy the writer’s point of view.

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Argument Essays Examples

‘I am breaking the engagement,” Bill announced. Fraught with emotional pain, I froze. My world ceased, and everything around me turned into a mass of darkness. Later in the hospital bed that afternoon, I was a mess of regret! “If only I had never aborted the child, I would still have the capacity to bear children, and Bill would still wait for me at the altar, this coming Saturday.” I regretted. One of the side effects of abortion is a perforated womb, not to mention of damaged cervix and death. Abortion is wrong and should not be legalized! An argument essay provides an argument and persuades the reader to take his point of view. To make the argument valid, the writer provides adequate supportive information, based on facts. In reference to the above narration, the writer must provide ample supportive information on why abortion is wrong and should not be legalized.  If you are reading this,