Friday, 12 October 2012

Bullying Argument Essays Topics

If you are like me, then you will certainly campaign for anti bullying programs. My first day in high school was marked with a thorough beating from the senior boys. If you are soliciting bullying argument essays topics, you are in the right place, stay with me.
To begin with, bullying is the use of coercion to intimidate others. School bullying is one of the commonest genres of bullying. On the other hand, an argument essay is a piece of writing persuading the reader to buy the writer’s point of view. An example of bullying argument essay topics is; schools should implement anti bullying strategies. The award-winning Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is an example of an anti bullying strategy. It offers diverse information and resources. 
Other examples of bullying argument essays topics

  •  School bullying is essential  
  •  Bullying is a root cause of drug abuse
  •  Schools should implement anti bullying strategies
  •   Schools systems and lectures contribute to bullying 
Good topics for argument essays on bullying
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It is paramount to understand that besides bullying, argument essay topics come in different types. Some of these topics include; gender equality, pregnancy, climate change, abortion, capital punishment and the list is endless. Nevertheless, good topics for argument essays are characterized by; they provide sufficient information to support the argument. Adequate supportive information is attributed to persuading the reader to buy the writer’s point of view, coupled with an easy time in research. Again, good topics for argument essays are interesting. An interesting topic does not only grab the attention of the audience, but also provides the reader with an interesting essay writing process. Custom writing services, internet, and your lecturer are commendable sources of good topics for argument essays. Go for them. Nevertheless, it is astute to have a combination of resources, which comes with variety.
Step by step to selecting good bullying argument essay topics
Start with defining the purpose of your essay. It may be to campaign against or for bullying. It may also be to campaign against or for anti bullying programs. Upon identifying the purpose of your essay, brainstorm relevant argument topics. Once you have a number of them, evaluate the relevance of each of them. Base your evaluation on the availability of supportive material. If a topic provides you with scarce supportive material, eliminate it. Consequently, you now have topics that provide you with lots of supportive material exclusively. Finally, select the easiest and interesting of them.

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