Friday, 12 October 2012

Writing Argument Essays

It was breathtaking. The beauty of the glacier landscaper and the Valdez peaks at Thompson was impeccable. The view of the Chugach Mountains in Alaska that afternoon prevailed in my mind. What a visit.  Nevertheless, the thought of the glacier melting away to climate change, was fraught with apprehension. My heart ached.  Coal is attributed to cheap generation of electricity. Its role in meeting U.S energy needs is remarkably effective. Nevertheless, the green house effect on climate change is awfully eminent. Consequently, to save millions of lives endangered by climate change, coal usage should be eradicated.  If you are soliciting skills in writing argument essay, you are in the right place, stay with me. 
What is an argument essay?

The journey to success in writing argument essays commences with a comprehension of the same. An argument essay is a piece of writing that provides an argument and analyzes the argument to make a position either for or against it. In reference to our earlier narration, the eradication of coal usage is the argument. Consequently, the writer should provide ample supportive information on the eradication of coal usage.
Argument essay topics
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Great essay topics are attributed to exceptional success in writing argument essays.  The topics are characterized by relevance, and motivation. Strong argument essay topics are interesting, to captivate the audience’s attention. Besides, an interesting argument essay topic yields to an interesting writing process. Second, select a topic that will provide you with adequate supportive information. This makes your argument valid.
Argument essay format
A perfect argument essay format is attributed to exceptional results. It encompasses an introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction prepares the reader on what to expect from the essay. It should have an attention grabber. Attention grabbers include anecdotes, jokes, common beliefs, and rhetoric questions. It states the argument. The body section provides the argument with ample supportive material. It convinces the reader to buy the writer’s point of view. The conclusion summarizes the main points. It does not introduce new ideas. Great argument essay conclusions are attributed to a call for action, or food for thought. They must have a lasting impression on the reader.
Argument essays examples
Argument essay examples are one of the keys to success in writing argument essays. Argument essay examples are attributed to facilitating students with argument essay writing skills. They also facilitate students with argument essay topics. Some of the sources of argument essay examples include; custom writing services, internet, and your lecturer.

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