Thursday, 11 October 2012

Argument Essays Examples

‘I am breaking the engagement,” Bill announced. Fraught with emotional pain, I froze. My world ceased, and everything around me turned into a mass of darkness. Later in the hospital bed that afternoon, I was a mess of regret! “If only I had never aborted the child, I would still have the capacity to bear children, and Bill would still wait for me at the altar, this coming Saturday.” I regretted. One of the side effects of abortion is a perforated womb, not to mention of damaged cervix and death. Abortion is wrong and should not be legalized! An argument essay provides an argument and persuades the reader to take his point of view. To make the argument valid, the writer provides adequate supportive information, based on facts. In reference to the above narration, the writer must provide ample supportive information on why abortion is wrong and should not be legalized.  If you are reading this,
you are probably soliciting argument essay examples. Although this is not one, it would be absurd to be ignorant of the following dexterity, stay with me.
 Benefits of argument essay examples
One of the keys to exceptional results in writing an argument essay is the implementation of samples on argument essays
1.      They facilitate students with argument essay writing skills. Some of these skills include; argument essay format, and sign posts, among others
2.      They provide students with argument essay topics.
3.      They facilitate students with proper citation skills

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On the subject of argument essay examples
First, custom writing services, internet, your lecturer and colleagues are some of the resources of samples on argument essays. However, it is astute to have a combination of different resources. This enhances diversity.
Second, using samples on argument essays, as if they were your own, is unethical. It is termed as plagiarism.
Third, besides implementing samples on argument essays, there is a variety of argument essay skills. We will have a look at some of them. First, select a topic that provides you with ample supportive material. This validates the argument, and makes research easy. Also, select an easy and interesting topic. This is attributed to an easy writing process. An interesting topic is also an attention grabber. Develop your topic by providing an analysis of the same. Provide sufficient information; you must convenience the reader to buy your point of view. The conclusion provides a call for action. Finally, uphold a correct citation throughout the essay

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