Friday, 12 October 2012

Argument Essays Topics

When my husband came home that night, his face was fraught with misery.  Instead of his normal greetings, he hastened to the bedroom. I pushed the bedroom door, and our eyes met. “We lost the case; he was sentenced to death.” He whispered, his voice revealing of untold grief. For several years of being a lawyer, my husband had lost several cases, but never had I seen him that disillusioned. “The death penalty should never be!” He cursed. If you are soliciting an argument essay topic, you already have one, “The death penalty should be banned.” However, the following dexterity is crucial, stay with me. 
What is an argument essay?
Argument essay is a genre of writing that investigates a topic, and evaluates evidence to establish a position on the topic. The position may be for, or against. In reference to the
above topic for argument essays, the writer should provide ample information to support why death penalty should be banned. 
Nuggets of wisdom on how to select exceptional argument essay topics
 To start with, define the purpose of the essay topic. Consequently, brainstorm topics for argument essays. Finally, select the most suitable one. Great topics of argument essays are attributed to being creative and interesting. They are characterized by ample supportive material. They are relevant to the target audience.

Tips on how to write argument essays
The first tip on how to write argument essays is selecting a strong topic. Select a topic that provides you with adequate supportive material. This makes your argument valid and research easy. Next, write an interesting and informative introduction. Great argument essay introduction states the writer’s argument. Consequently, write the body. Body sections analyze the subject, and provide supportive information of the argument. The last step on how to write argument essays is the conclusion. It summarizes the main points. It does not introduce new ideas. Strong conclusions leave a lasting impression on the readers mind. They are characterized by a call for action or food for thought, based on the argument. Solicit additional tips on how to write argument essays from custom writing services, books, journals, internet, and your lecturer. 
  • Death penalty is not effective
  • Men should get paternity leave from work
  • Parents are ignorant of children predators on the internet
  • Internet has become overtly commercialized in the recent years

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