Friday, 12 October 2012

Argument Essays on Technology

Lisa’s voice came to the phone, fraught with hysteria. “Stacy was run down; the ambulance is on its way to hospital.” She said. “How serious is it? I asked.” Very serious, the phone went dead. I hurried past the noisy streets. Minutes later I rushed out of the taxi, to the hospital. A grave silence filled the Intensive Care Unit. Endless pipes seemed to get in to every opening of her body. Filled with hope, that the machine would wake her up, I silently thanked the inventor of technology. What if phone calls to get the ambulance had not been made? What if the  ICU did not exist? I knew the answer to both questions, and I shivered to it; she would be dead! Technology is attributed to multiples of benefits. It has positively changed the world. When assigned on argument essays on technology, you are required to make a stand, for or against technology.
The argument essay
It is astute to start with a comprehension of an argument essay. It is a piece of academic writing that persuades the reader to buy the writer’s point of view. It comes with different genres such as bullying argument essays, gender violence argument essays, just to mention a few.
Argument essays on technology topics
There are different types of technology topics. Some of them include; bullying argument essays topics, argument essays on gender violence topics, argument essays on technology topics among others. As such, the following tips are applicable to all genres of argument essay topics.   Select a topic that interests you. This comes with an interesting essay writing process, coupled with the target audience’s natural interest on the essay. Also again, select a topic that provides you with adequate supportive material. For example, for bullying argument essays topics, you are required to support or oppose bullying. It is astute to select the option with adequate material to support your argument.  Solicit argument essays topics on technology, bullying argument essays topics, gender equality argument essay topics among others, from the internet. Custom writing services are also a resource of bullying argument essay topics, argument essays topics on technology, gender violence argument essay topics, and abortion argument essay topics, among others
 Examples of argument essays on technology topics include;
  • Technology has helped societies develop today’s global economy
  • Technology has caused the increase of leisure classes
  • Technology has contributed to saving of lives
  • Technology is a root cause of pollution
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